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Dexter Mid-Month Market Report

As the calendar turned to 2023, transacting real estate in British Columbia became a lot more complicated. Having dealt with a City of Vancouver Empty Homes Tax, the provincial Speculation and Vacancy Tax and a provincial foreign buyer’s tax, we now have a provincial 3 Day Home Buyer Rescission Period, ...

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A new year begins with confidence.

We will all remember the 2022 housing market as one of the most volatile that Metro Vancouver has ever seen, rising to unprecedented highs early in the year only to fall to a near 40-year low by December. Along the way the year crushed every cliché in the residential market. ...

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4 Ways to Find the Time to Sell your Home

Are you thinking about selling your home this spring? If so, one factor that may be holding you back is time. You might be worried that you won’t find the time in your busy schedule to sell your property successfully. If so, here are four strategies that will help: 1. ...

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