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10 Tips to a sparkling home this March

Check your roof: March is a good time to inspect your roof for any damage caused by winter weather. Look for missing or damaged shingles, as well as any signs of leaks. Clean gutters: Clear out any debris that has accumulated in your gutters over the winter months. This will ...

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Know the Local Market when You Sell

Are you thinking of selling your home this year? If so, you might be paying extra attention to housing market news covered by the regional and national media. While that news can be helpful information, it can sometimes say little about what’s happening in your particular neighbourhood. In fact, it’s ...

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De-cluttering tips to simplify your home and life

Decluttering your home is an important step in getting it ready to sell, as well as in creating a more comfortable and functional living space. Here are some top tips to help you declutter your home effectively: Start with one room at a time. Trying to declutter your entire home ...

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